Northwords Now Issue 34

The FREE literary magazine of the North

Flanders Moss

by David Stakes

I saw her walk towards me with the dawn
She moved through the plantation along the old railway line
Purpose and promise
It took her about ten minutes from emergence to greeting

In the clearing, face to face
She spoke to me with the familiarity of a Minister
She enquired about my journey, my hometown and my day

I told her I was going to walk the Forth
To Easter Offerance
She told me I was terribly wet and should tread carefully
She was worthy and uncomplicated
Like a pilgrim, like a holiday

The lady on the Moss
Had taken the new bridge from Aberfoyle
She had brought blessings and fresh bread

The clouds were clearing
And hope was in spate
She said the river was the source of everything

We wished each other well
And went our ways