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Spring Summer 2023


As many of you will have noticed, there’s been a pause in production of Northwords Now between last summer and the spring of 2023.This doesn’t reflect any waning of enthusiasm in Scotland’s literary community and beyond. Indeed, support is robust, from writers in different genres, from readers who relish our content and accessibility and from funders who have been positive in their encouragement.

The temporary blip arose from a shift in how Northwords Now is administered, through a move away from a cumbersome company structure to a simpler business model. Such shifts take time, but we’ve now arrived in a new place. Thanks are due to the many p...
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What's New in the North

by Kenny Taylor

Oil and graphite art by Becs Boyd 'Salmon Waits by the Tree of Wisdom'(2022)

A century ago, in April 1923, the SS Metagama – a Canadian Pacific Railway steamship that plied between Scotland and Canada - left Stornoway carrying more than 300 islanders. Headed west across the Atlantic, many of them would never return. The following year, two more vessels departed for Canada with more emigrants from Stornoway and Castlebay. This came in the bitter wake the Iolaire disaster in 1919, when nearly 200 islanders were among the servicemen drowned when the ship carrying them home from the First World War sank not far from Stornoway. The loss of nearly 1,000 young people in a handful of years had a major and lasting impact on the Outer Hebrides.

Issue 44 Cover

Issue 44

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Reviews & Interview

Catriona Price - Hert

Original poem by Kevin Cormack

Music by Catriona Price

Recovering Ground

by Leonie Charlton


by Jen Hadfield

The Rig

by Peter Burrows

The Story of Deirdre

by Kenneth Steven


Club nam Balach is Cliché

by Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

Cor gu Còraichean

by Màiri NicGumaraid

Issue 44 Tuath Cover

Issue 44

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From the Archive

Bog Cotton

by Angus Martin

The Boy

by Jo Gilbert

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