Northwords Now Issue 36

The FREE literary magazine of the North

Time in Tatters

by Sally Evanz

sounds of orchestra in a northern garden
silent piano where the record player turned,
cigar, blind man in the country orchard,
a small wasps’ nest and pear tree huge and frail,

thirsty wait for the lush red pears on grass
ranks of may trees in dusky blossom,  
the beck ran south of all, the dead cow,
tents in the glade and the magpie tree,  

Japanese anemones, pumice stone walls,
girls playing tennis then winter aconites so many
old maid studies fairies, permission
to walk round seeking her not so recent youth,

sacred wood and the pig man, the one-armed gardener
the lady standing in the middle of the lawn
wouldn't you like to go and live in town
this empty photograph of a framework

tennis girl died last month met her granddaughter
someone else remembered the pig man's wife
just the tallest trees no orchard cigar smoke
time attainable in tatters only is