Northwords Now Issue 40

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A Pat on the Back for The Dark Horse

by Kenny Taylor

Continuing a bit of a theme of time passed, time passing and yet to come on this page, it’s fitting to give a friendly nod and pat of milestone-birthday-year approval to The Dark Horse. From humble – and cramped – beginnings on the kitchen table of the Ayrshire caravan where its editor, Gerry Cambridge, was then based, ‘The Horse’ has grown to become Scotland’s leading poetry magazine.

Over the past 25 years, the publication has featured the work of some of the major figures of contemporary Scottish, Irish and American poetry (if I mention Edwin Morgan and Seamus Heaney, need I say more?) as well as other, lesser known, poets whose work has been championed by Gerry. With assistant editors in the U.S.A, The Dark Horse is Scotland’s transatlantic poetry magazine, both in terms of the new poetry it publishes and in the essays and critiques for which it is renowned. Not afraid of controversy in some of the criticism and reviews within its pages, new editions are guaranteed to give readers both pleasure and challenge.

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