Northwords Now Issue 40

The FREE literary magazine of the North

In Appreciation

by Ingrid Leonard

Hid’s cowld in the shadow o the stones,
beat fluiks. The day’s the day fur uis tae set
wur last stone in the ring – roond uis a skry
o folk stand wi guid punk. Wance fithers,
brothers, uncles gi a last haeve, we’ll hiv
a circle tae match the moon’s standstill,
lit tang lowan atween. Efter, weeman
will serve crab cluiks fur engral stomachs,
eggs o the lerblade, Tak this draught o beer,
we’ll drink hid taegither. Much obliged tae ye
fur bidan awhile among uis, haddan back
the litheran years. Stoop noo, hid’s time.

beat fluiks – swing the arms vigorously across the body, to keep warm
punk – kindling
tang – seaweed
engral – ravenous
lerblade – cormorant
litheran – over-spilling
stoop – quiet