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The Nugget

by Lorraine Bruce

Thurs a nugget o blue cheese
under the teeble.
I caught a glimpse o id whaen
I sat doon.
I mind droppan id yesterday
or mibee
the day afore.
Lunch wis Westray watar biscuits
wae butter
and blue cheese.
or mibee Daeneesh Blue.
I winder if the cultyursh
in the cheese
are interactan
wae the bacteria oan
me wid eefect laminit floareen.
Mibee thurs a scientific miracle
right there
under me kitcheen teeble.
Some unkan pathogens
are mibee mixan wae the
spores oan the cheese
an mutaetan intae a mould juice
capable o killan this
bliddy virus.
Hids mibee sittan
Under that nugget o cheese
Choost wettan tae be fund bae some
Twenty furst century
Dr Flaemeen.
Weel weel,
Me cups empty.
Al away an git the dustpan an brush.

Orkney Voices

The Orkney Voices Group as hid is noo wis started at the beginneen o 2018. The aim o hid wis tae mak a spaece whaar Orcadian spaekers could finnd weys o writan and spaekan aboot writeen.

The idea grew oot o a Scottish PEN project, Many Voices, that encouraged different marginalised groups ower Scotland tae finnd thir voices in creative writeen classes.

At the end o the project, the fokk in the Orkney group wanted tae keep gan, so the George Mackay Fellowship (GMBF) agreed tae tak is under thir umbrella. Wir supported be Orkney Library & Archive and Orkney Islands Council Culture Fund.

At the end o last year, efter meetan throughoot 2020 and 2021 online, we launched a collection o wark fae the members:Gousters, Glims and Veerie-orums, as the George Mackay Brown Centenary publication fae the GMBF. This haes led tae invitations tae read at a variety o events. In the next few months we will be appearing at Orkney Nature Festival, Orkney Folk Festival and St Magnus International Festival.

Gousters, Glims and Veerie-orums, price £10, is available to buy from Orkney Bookshops, Stromness Books & Prints,Tel: 01856 850565; and The Orcadian Bookshop, including online sales from their website:

The poems in this group are from members of the Orkney Voices Group.

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