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From Issue 15 onwards, each issue is viewable online and downloadable as .pdf files. An ever-expanding author archive from Issue 34 (Spring-Summer 2017) onwards allows individual poems and prose works to be viewed, catalogued under author name.

Index of Issues
Issue 42 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn-Winter 2021
Issue 41 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring-Summer 2021
Issue 40 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn-Winter 2020
Issue 39 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2020
Issue 38 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2019
Issue 37 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2019
Issue 36 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2018
Issue 35 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2018
Issue 34 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2017
Issue 30 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2015
We intend to make all issues and content available as web pages, but for now some are only downloadable as pdfs.
Issue 33 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2017
Issue 32 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2016
Issue 31 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2016
Issue 29 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2015
Issue 28 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2014
Issue 27 (download pdf) (view pdf)Summer 2014
Issue 26 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2014
Issue 25 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2013
Issue 24 (download pdf) (view pdf)Summer 2013
Issue 23 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2013
Issue 22 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2012
Issue 21 (download pdf) (view pdf)Summer 2012
Issue 20 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2012
Issue 19 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn/Winter 2011
Issue 18 (download pdf) (view pdf)Summer 2011
Issue 17 (download pdf) (view pdf)Spring 2011
Issue 16 (download pdf) (view pdf)Autumn 2010
Issue 15 (download pdf) (view pdf)Summer 2010

The Board and Editor of Northwords Now acknowledge support from Creative Scotland and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.
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