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Spring 2018

Land, water and northern skies

DONALD S MURRAY digs light from dark peat, LYDIA HARRIS sees moons over Westray, ANNA LEVIN goes with the flow, STEPHEN KEELER learns Swedish

Plus Tuath supplement of new Gaelic writing, Short Stories, Poems, Articles and Reviews

Editor: Kenny Taylor
Gaelic Editor: Rody Gorman


As befits its links to the magnetism of the whole planet, ‘north’ is a word with powerful attractions. Whether for those who feel they live distant from it, or people who consider themselves northern, there’s a sense of something wider and further; beyond immediate grasp, but worth striving to approach. Journeys can follow, in person or in mind; writing and wider art result.

That’s part of why I was both inspired and challenged by some of the ideas shared in Edinburgh last autumn, when the Scottish Government hosted a meeting of the Arctic Circle Forum. Scotland – Arctic? At first, the connection seems tenuous. But as delegates from across much of the upper part of the hemisphere – from Alaska, Canada, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scandinavia and Scotland – shared information, the linkage began to make more sense.

For writers whose work draws on northern energies, that’s important, both through increased scope for international collaboration and through the tensions of changing environments, economies and cultures. The magnetism of ‘north’ has just become stronger to many people, including some who might surprise you. It’s scarier than ever, and just as inspirational.

Kenny Taylor, Editor

Issue 35 Index
Silver in the hills, gold in the hearth fireArticle by Kenny Taylor
CarnyxPoem by David James Ross
GMB’s Rocking ChairPoem by David James Ross
KnittersPoem by David James Ross
Sir James Sinclair’s RantPoem by David James Ross
Georgina Seatter’s ‘Specimen Needlework Book’Poem by Lydia Harris
The Bride’s BootsPoem by Lydia Harris
New Moons over WestrayPoem by Lydia Harris
The KinswomanPoem by Ingrid Leonard
Thinkan o’ Skare Brae (after Robert Rendall)Poem by Ingrid Leonard
UndoingStory by Barry Graham
CopenhagenStory by Mara Dougall
deer talk Poem by Gerrie Fellows
Seaton Cliffs, lowest waterPoem by Beth McDonough
Spirits of the LavvuPoem by Paula Jennings
WolfPoem by Paula Jennings
The SongPoem by Paula Jennings
CollPoem by Kenneth Steven
Donald Angus, HarrisPoem by Kenneth Steven
The GiftPoem by Kenneth Steven
OlrigPoem by Stewart Sanderson
NaiadPoem by Jane Picton Smith
The Day the Clocks RestartedStory by Ian Tallach
A Fishy TailStory by Selina Hardisty
deericide (noun): the killing or killer of deerStory by Liam Murray Bell
ReincarnationStory by Lucy Macrae
Da Shipwrecked Forester Poem by James Sinclair
UnravellingStory by Christine Grant
A Wairnin Tae the Ayeweys Aff an OnPoem by Sara Clark
A Lane Girl’s HowpsPoem by Sara Clark
While Workin At SubwayPoem by Sara Clark
EggboxPoem by Seth Crook
Signs of Pre-SpringPoem by Seth Crook
Eden in the MorningStory by R M Murray
Henry’s playtimePoem by Marka Rifat
Late SummerPoem by Stephen Keeler
MidsommaraftonPoem by Stephen Keeler
Scandinavian NoirPoem by Stephen Keeler
Listening to Jan JohanssonPoem by Stephen Keeler
StockholmPoem by Stephen Keeler
At Lake Hornborga Watching CranesPoem by Stephen Keeler
How should we dare?Poem by Grahaeme Barrasford Young
Under Grizzled SkiesPoem by Robert Leach
LipstickPoem by Caroline Yates
Wood AnemonesPoem by Donald Goodbrand Saunders
Scunnered frae Skara BraePoem by Finola Scott
A KissPoem by Sue Pepper
TiramisuStory by Maureen Cullen
Turning Over In A Strange Bed & It Was And It Wasn’t Review by Chris Powici
Tree standing smallReview by Lesley Harrison
Issue 35 - Non-fiction reviewsReview by Kenny Taylor
In search of diamond clarityReview by Mandy Haggith
rio abaho rioPoem by Maggie Wallis
Magnie’s Boat Story by Hannah Nicholson
A Lighter Look at the Dark StuffArticle by Donald S Murray
FlowingStory by Anna Levin
RowanPoem by John Young
The RemainsPoem by Molly Donachie
Anns an dachaigh-chùraimPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
Sciurd faoi ScreapadalPoem by Paddy Bushe
Am MaraichePoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
The MarinerPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
Anns an dachaigh-chùraimPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
FogharPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
SgothPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
An SaighdearPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
Duan na FèinnePoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
PocaPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
Uncail DòmhnallPoem by Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul
An Runnach Poem by Liam Alasdair Crowe
Gaol rònachPoem by Dàibhidh Eyre
Saobh-chràbhadhPoem by Coinneach Lindsay
Cath nam BàrdPoem by Coinneach Lindsay
DlighePoem by Coinneach Lindsay
Ag Òl Cofaidh anns a' ChathadhPoem by Caoimhin MacNèill
nuair a bhios mi aonaranachPoem by Caoimhin MacNèill
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